IQAC Composition

IQAC Committee 2021 :IQAC committee- 2021- Click here for details

IQAC Committee was constituted by the Principal Ambika P K being the chair person on 14/09/2020

1 Ambika P V Principal (Chairman)
2 Rajesh Superintendant (Senior Administrative Officer)
3 Shylaja Head Accountant (Senior Administrative Officer)
4 S V Rajkumar HOD, Dept of Commerce (Teacher representative)
5 Anne Placid HOD, Dept of English (Teacher representative)
6 Dr. P S Manojkumar HOD, Dept of History (Teacher representative)
7 Dr. R Remya HOD, Dept of Economics (Teacher representative)
8 Suresh A K HOD, Dept of Psychology (Teacher representative)
9 Dr. Ajitha T S HOD,  Dept of Sanskrit (Teacher representative)
10 Flowery Francis HOD, Dept of Statistics (Teacher representative)
11 S Sreevidya HOD, Dept of Computer Science (Teacher representative)
12 Dr. Jojomon N A Deputy Director, Collegiate Education Dept, Thrissur
13 Sasidaran M N Division Councillor, Thrissur Corporation (Local Society representative)
14 Asherin College Union Chairperson ( Student representative)
15 Mohammed Ali College Alumni Representative
16 Suresh Varrier College Stakeholders’ Representative
17 Vijayan P K Co-ordinator

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