Ladies Hostel


A lady’s hostel is functioning inside the campus to provide a safe stay for the students who are coming from distant parts of the State. There are 19 rooms and one dormitory for students to occupy with sufficient lights and fans that provides provisions for 88 students for a safe stay. Apart from this, there is an office room, bath attached room for Resident Tutor, reception area, spacious mess hall, hygienic kitchen, and working area. Sufficient facilities for refreshment and sanitation are there in the hostel containing 10 toilets, 10 washrooms, 8 washing points, etc. Sufficient playground and various playing materials ( shuttle bats and cork, skipping rope, etc) are there for their leisure time. A room for watchmen is there inside the hostel compound with a regular staff for ensuring safety.

Food is cooked and served inside the hostel itself for ensuring a healthy and safe stay. For this sufficient number of cooks and sweepers are maintained in the hostel. The kitchen is functioning with all the modern types of equipment for cooking like a refrigerator, mixer, grinder, LPG stoves, etc. The main fuel for cooking is LPG. There is a cleanly maintained well for drinking water inside the hostel compound itself with a boundary wall and net. A solar panel is installed on the hostel roof for consuming solar energy and this helps to reduce the power consumption provided by KSEB. Sufficient facilities are available for waste management and using it properly.

Hostel Warden : Dr. Raseena K K, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics

Resident Tutor : Dr. Kalarani K S, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Rules related to Hostel Admission

     1. Admission in the hostel is restricted to the students who got admission to the college. A copy of the college ID card should be submitted along with the application for admission to the hostel.

  1. A copy of the passport-size photograph and the signature of the student is to be affixed to the hostel admission register. A photo ID card is to be issued to the student from the hostel. The priority for admission to the hostel is to be determined on the basis of the distance from the house of the student. The first consideration will be to the student who resides far from the college. While fixing this priority, the students belonging to SC/ST/OEC/PH will be given special preference.
  1. The parent, who is to be present at the time of admission of the student to the hostel, has to submit a declaration stating that his ward will abide by the rules of the hostel. The student also has to submit such a declaration. In addition to this, the declaration regarding anti ragging is also to be suffixed.
  1. At the time of admission, an amount equal to two months’ average mess fee is to be remitted as mess advance on proper receipt. But, mess advance need not be collected from the students belonging to SC/ST/OEC. Instead of this, the community certificate issued by the revenue authorities is to be collected at the time of admission. In the case of blind students, the medical certificate is to be obtained and filed. These students have to submit the printout of the online application submitted through ‘Akshaya Kendra’ for fee concession, in which it is noted that the applicant is a hostler. Those who have stated as ‘Day Scholar’ in the application for the concession need not be admitted to the hostel.
  1. The visitor’s time in the lady’s hostel will be from 4 PM to 5 PM. The visit is restricted to the guardian who signed the declaration at the time of admission and to the person authorized by the guardian. This is to be displayed on the notice board of the hostel.
  1. A separate portion is to be set apart for the visitors and they are not permitted to enter the residential area of the inmates. A visitor to a particular inmate will not be permitted to contact other inmates.
  1. The ID card is to be kept in hand by the inmates when leaving the hostel. The inmates have to obtain permission from the warden/ Resident Tutor/Clerk when leaving the hostel during hostel times. The inmates have to return to the hostel before 6 PM.
  1. The watchman will close the hostel gates at 5 pm and will permit inmates to leave the compound only with special permission from authorities.
  2. The watchman will permit only those having hostel ID cards to enter the hostel compound. If anyone encroaches, the watchman will report it to the warden who in turn will inform the police.
  1. Hostel admission is for a prescribed academic year. At the closure of the academic year, the inmates will be relieved and the hostel closed. When the examination extends to the vacation period, and if the inmates submit a written application the hostels can function with mess till the last day of the examination. In such a situation, the warden has to issue orders to prevent the vacation to the cooks and extend the benefit of earned leave.
  1. The inmates have to take food from the hostel mess.
  2. Those who abstain from the hostel for certain a continuous period of a minimum of seven days with written permission from the warden will only allow a proportionate deduction in the mess fee.
  1. The application for hostel admission will be issued a payment of Rs. 20/
  2. The following documents are to be submitted along with the application.

(a) College ID Card

(b) Two passport-size photographs

(c) Attested copy of Aadhar Card

(d) Declaration from the student and the Guardian for abiding by the rules of the hostel.

(e) Anti-ragging declaration from student and guardian.

The photo ID card will be issued only on receipt of the above documents and the amount of fee.

  1. The complaints regarding ragging and assaults will be handed over to the police authorities immediately. As per existing rules, the Warden or Principal is not delegated with powers to conduct an internal inquiry. Hence the notice to the effect that such complaints will be handed over to the police without any inquiry has to be displayed at various places in the hostel. Moreover, such a notice has to be affixed to a register in which the signatures of inmates have to be obtained at the time of admission.

Particular fees are to be remitted at the time of admission.

  1. Mess advance: Rs.5000
  2. Caution Deposit Rs 1000/-
  3. Room rent Rs 105/-
  4. Establishment charges Rs 10/-
  5.  Medical inspection Rs 10/-
  6.  Electricity charge Rs 60/-
  7.  Water Charges Rs 35/-

These rates are subject to revision as per Govt. orders. These fees are collected on proper receipts, and to be recorded in the daily fee collection register.