Staff Club

Staff club is an informal forum of the teaching staff of the college. It is envisioned to foster a healthy and positive interaction among the members by creating a healthy working atmosphere through building employee engagement and motivation. A variety of programs like Social get-togethers, cultural events, games etc. are arranged and all-important occasions like Onam, Christmas, Ramzan etc. are celebrated. The Club takes care to establish and maintain an atmosphere which helps in employees’ emotional and physical wellbeing. Staff Club is typically created, funded and run by teaching staff of the college. It takes initiative to recognize and felicitate the staff for their achievements in academic and non-academic activities of the college. The club arranges farewell functions to teachers who retire from the service. The club is always eager to give a warm welcome to the new members who come to the institution. Work life balance is a vital outcome of the staff club in the college.

Every year elected representatives from the staff forms the executive committee. Executive members for the academic year 2020 – 2021:

President                  :    Sri. Suresh AK (Principal in charge)

Vice-president         :    Smt. Animol Jacob, Assistant Professor of History

Secretary                  :     Smt. Lakshmi G Menon, Assistant Professor of English

Other members:

Sri. Ranjithkumar KC, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Smt. Shamly K, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Smt. Soumya Mohan C, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Smt. Animol Jacob, Assistant Professor of History

Smt. Manju KV, Assistant Professor of Commerce

Smt. Sangeetha PG, Assistant Professor of Economics

Smt. Flowery Francis, Assistant Professor of Statistics

Report of Activities

Staff Club 2018-20

Staff Club 2017-18

Staff Club 2016-17