Online Resources Initiatives of Collegiate Education(ORICE)

Online Resources Initiatives of Collegiate Education (ORICE) is a progressive initiative of Directorate of Collegiate Education,Kerala(Previously EDUSAT) to develop and disseminate higher education thoughts of eminent academicians and experts within India and abroad. The programme is part of the ongoing efforts for developing quality educational content for e learning. ORICE focus on developing Education & Research oriented contents by the eminent scholars across the world and telecasted through Meghnad Saha Center for Content Development (MSCCD) as live internet streaming and Video Conference where interactions make easy. We have an ORICE room where adequate facilities have been provided for the students and the faculty to watch the live programmes streamed from the ORICE studio at Trivandrum. The ORICE activities in the college are coordinated by a faculty and an ORICE committee consisting of students from various departments in the college.

Staff Coordinator

Ranjith Kumar KC

Assistant Professor, Political Science