Department of Economics

The Department of Economics is one of the coeval departments since the inception of the College in 1972 with BA Economics Programme. When the college shifted to the new campus of Kuttanellur in 1995, our Department is upgraded to the level of MA Programme. By 2020, the department move one step ahead and became the research department under Calicut university.

Vision and Mission of the department: To create better humanitarian and knowledgeable community through research, gender friendly and nature friendly approach.

  • To fulfil the vision and mission, our department conducts vivid programmes like, Saanthwanam (helping hand to society through the new generation hands)
  • We consider gender as a fluid and proud to be the first department under Calicut university to admit a transgender (transwomen) to BA Programme. To make students and academic community gender friendly aptitude we regularly conduct programmes like “ SOJI inclusive education”, interaction with sexual and gender minorities etc.
  • We try to conduct our programmes on a nature friendly basis. The international seminar conducted by the Department gained appreciation from Suchithwa Mission, Government of Kerala for keeping Green Protocol.

The Department is blessed to have eminent personalities like Dr. Visakha Varma, Dr. Rajeev Bharathan etc. as our former teaching faculties. Presently the Department comprised of 7 permanent faculties with academic excellence and research aptitude. Coming to the academic excellence, our faculty members are the visiting faculties of various Government Bodies (KILA, ETI, Land Acquisition Board) and some others are the members of Board of Studies of different Universities and Autonomous Colleges.

Established Year 1972
Programmes Offered BA Economics
MA  Economics
Current intake of Students BA  –  65
MA – 27
Head of the Department Dr. Ramya R.


Sl No. Name of the Faculty                                 Designation                     Contact Details Photo Profile

Dr. Ramya R

Associate Professor & Head


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Siyar Manuraj

Assistant Professor 9446229960                    View more


Dr. Smitha R

Assistant Professor 9446229684                  

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Dr. Raseena K K

Assistant Professor  9846917279  


Sangeetha P G

Assistant Professor 9645529259      

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 Dr Jeeja KS

Assistant Professor 9947607600    


Ajitha R

Assistant Professor 9961850950

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Activities and Events 2023-24

Activities and Events 2022-23

  • 6/2/2023 & 7/2/2023: Zeronics– Intercollegiate Fest