Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of the College  is constituted as per the guidance of the University Grants Commission. The association is managed by an Executive Committee elected in the Annual General Body meeting during every academic year. The members of the committee consist of the Principal, five teaching faculty members and five parents. The meeting of the executive committee is conducted monthly for discussing the various relevant matters concerned. The association is actively contributing to various programmes for the academic and non-academic well being of the students and other stakeholders. A merit day is facilitated in every year for honouring meritorious students under different disciplines and cash awards are also being distributed.

The aims and objectives of the association are:

  1. To foster and promote good relationship among the members of the teaching staff, students and parents/guardians of the students.
  2. To create in members a keen interest for the smooth working of the college and for maintaining good discipline and high academic standards.
  3. To collect subscriptions, donations, gifts etc., from members, non-members and the other institutions for furthering the aims and objectives of the associations.
  4. To institute scholarships, prizes, medals etc., to benefit students showing a high proficiency in their studies.


The annual meeting of the PTA general body is convened at the end of the every academic year. The meetings of the executive committee are convened once in every month. In the meeting, the members discuss and evaluate the general activities of the PTA in the college.

Merit Day Celebration

The PTA of this college celebrates Merit Day every year and during this occasion, the meritorious students of the various departments are awarded cash prizes in the presence of eminent personalities and dignitaries. Winners in the University/ State/ National level competitions and NCC/ NSS volunteers are also being honoured by the PTA at the event. The winners of UGC-NET/JRF are also awarded memento and cash prize in the occasion.

Students’ Welfare Activities

The PTA of the college has organized various awareness programmes for the enhancement of students such as mental health awareness programme, personality development class, campaign against drugs etc. Orientation programmes for first year students are also conducted. Legal awareness class for girls and gender minorities are also organised.

Donations and Advances

          The PTA of the college provides donations and other financial assistance to both parents and students who are suffering from critical diseases and emergency operations.  Advances for conducting camps of NCC and NSS are also given. PTA provides special assistance to differently abled students and other micro minorities in the society.

Sponsorships for Sports and Games

          The PTA frequently provides sponsorships and financial assistance to those students who are eminent in sports and games. PTA helps them to participate into various training programmes and other events.

Repairs and Maintenance

The repairs associated with the assets and infrastructure of the college are being assisted and funded by PTA. It includes maintenance of computer labs, language lab, class rooms and other important premises in the college. Drinking water facilities are also provided for the students and staffs in the campus. The PTA helps to maintain water tanks and open well frequently. As the college is located at the area of acute ground water shortage, it is a worthwhile contribution for ensuring drinking and other water facilities.

Present Office Bearers

The members of the present executive committee are as follows:

President                        : Sri Suresh AK (Principal-in-charge)

Vice President                :Sri Jose Ponthekkan (Parent)

Secretary                         : Dr. Sujisha TG, Assistant Professor of Psychology


  1. Dr. Smitha R, Assistant Professor of Commerce
  2. Smt. Rincy TP, Assistant Professor of History
  3. Smt. Razeena PR, Assistant Professor of English
  4. Sri. Ranjith Kumar KC, Assistant Professor of Political Science
  5. Sri.Ravi E.S. (Parent)
  6. Smt. Princy Joshy (Parent)
  7. Smt. Jeeja Sidharthan (Parent)
  8. Sureshkumar (parent)