Samvada vedi (CPID)

Samavada Vedi /CPID [Common Platform for Intellectual Discourse]

Samavada Vedi/CPID [Common Platform for Intellectual Discourse] dais for discussions and debates on contemporary issue is an innovative liberal space where students ,teachers, other staffs of the college and any other people allowed by the principal of the college freely interact each other and express their ideas – factually correct or loaded with prejudices- on contemporary social issues around gender, sexuality, interpersonal relations, private space, personal space, well-being in a broad paradigm of socio-political and psychological foundations, sociological and philosophical aspects of contemporary liberal political economy with ultra-nationalism, draining of human rights, parochial cultural integration, human alienation and many of these kinds. CPID gives participants excellent opportunities to sharpen their critical thinking and debating skills in a dynamically vibrant and awesome environment of mutual respect and understanding. An ‘’Inclusive dialogical space of no fear’’ is the motto of CPID. Ultimate objective of the CPID is to help people aware that ‘’a common shared space’’ is always possible beyond the ‘’narrow and sectarian space of prejudices’’.

CPID is currently under the guidance of Postgraduate Department of Economics and it has been functioning since 2014. Every month on third Friday of the month prescheduled events will be conducted. Since the dawn of CPID, more than seventy events have been conducted.

Staff co-ordinator: Dr. Smitha R, Assistant Professor Of Economics

Activities and Events 2023-24

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