Research Activities

Research is a scholarly and creative academic endeavour of faculty leading to innovations and development. It is considered as the ultimate goal of higher education, the fruits of which are considered as the stepping stones for the progress not only of the researcher concerned but of the society which cultivates the research inquisitiveness in the students pursuing research. However, it is a challenging task for a higher education institution to have multidisciplinary engagements to nurture and promote scientific excellence through rigorous faculty-driven research. For the matters of the supervision of research ethics and excellence, a research committee is constituted in the college as a facilitation center in which seasoned researchers among the faculty are members. This body imparts keen attention in guiding and coordinating the research activities of various departments of the college. The mission of the committee is to motivate the PG students to set the research goals in their future plans and to facilitate them to acquire knowledge regarding the wider perspectives of research careers. Keeping these in mind the research committee motivates the Post Graduate departments of the college to undertake workshops to equip the students to internalize both methodological and ethical rigors related to the research.

Presently, the Department of Commerce and Management Studies is a research department that has three supervising teachers and intake of 8 students as Ph. D scholars (registration is in the process). Two of our faculty members are research guides in the research departments affiliated to MG University and the University of Calicut. Other departments of the college are in the process of upgrading to research departments.

Research Committee 2023-24


1. Dr. Madhusoodanan Kartha , Assistant Professor, Dept. of Commerce


  1. Dr. Sijo Varghese C, Associate Professor, Dept of English
  2. Dr. Ajitha TS, Associate Professor, Dept of Sanskrit
  3. Dr.  Ramya R, Associate Professor, Dept of Economics
  4. Dr. Manoj Kumar PS, Associate Professor, Dept of History
  5. Dr. Deepa Paul, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Commerce
  6. Dr. Mahesh MM, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychology

Research Committee Proceeding 22-23

Research Strategy

As the institution is affiliated to the University of Calicut, the norms and procedures prescribed by the University are adhered to strictly. The instructions and rules laid by the University of Calicut can be read here:

Quality Assurance

The research committee of the college monitors the rules and ethical decorum pertaining to research laid down by various levels of authorities are followed strictly. For the purpose of marinating the ethical standards, the institution closely watches the originality of the research documents starting from the Post Graduate level dissertations. For the purpose, the institution depends on the free plagiarism software available online.

Documents and Orders

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