Add on/ Certificate Courses

Add on/ Certificate Courses

Every academic year the college offers a number of Add on/ Certificate courses for the
capability/skill enhancement of the students in its attempt to mould a socially responsible
younger generation who can achieve sustainable goals in their life. These courses are also
designed to equip the students to face the emerging challenges in the contemporary professional
sphere. They enable the students to acquire additional certificates along with their regular
university programmes.

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Add on/ Certificate Courses 2023-2024

Important Dates to Remember…….

Last date for the submission of applications: 2 pm, 29 September 2023

Publication of the list of selected students: First week of October 2023

Commencement of the classes: Second week of October 2023

Coordinator : Dr Denis Joseph Anatty Olakkengil , Associate Professor, Department of English 9447610162  

Asst Coordinator: Sri Johnson N J, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce and Management Studies