Pain and Palliative Care Unit Volunteers attended World Hospice and Palliative Day observation organized by Pain and Palliative Care Unit, SIP and PPCS at St. Mary’s College on 14/10/2023

In connection with World Hospice and Palliative Care Day on 14-10-2023, Twenty students from
Our Pain and Palliative Care Unit namely Muhsina Janna K. V, Archana V. S, Aaradhya V. S,
Soorya K. Suresh, Biviya Varghese (Third Semester B. Com), Godwin M. L, Manuel John (Third
Semester B. A. Economics), Akshaya Krishna, Architha N. R, Madeen. I, Sandra M. S (First
Semester B.A. History), Athira D (B.Sc. Statistics), Breezya. V (First Semester B. A. English),
Anaswara Vincent, Binitha Babu (First Semester B. A. History), Naslimol V.S, Anetta E.A,
Angel M. S, Gouri M.A(Third Semester B. A. Economics), and Rinsha K.R Fifth Semester B. A.
Economics) have attended a mega student conference organized by PPCS and SIP at the
auditorium of St. Marys’ College, Thrissur. “Compassionate Communities together for Palliative
Care” is the theme of this year’s conference. The classes, experience sharing and other programs
conducted in connection with this event helped students to enrich their knowledge concerning